I am Joseph MICACCIA, certified network expert, based in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, France.

About me


With a great technical experience, in a wide range of skills, I am specialist in computer systems and networks. Proactive and experienced in the management of large structures, I ensure the proper functioning of the facilities by combining rigor, flexibility and security.

Certified network expert

Self-taught, autonomous, responsive, rigorous and with an excellent team spirit, I realized the implementation of numerous IT projects, notably related to the security of infrastructure.

And, within the framework of my various functions, I ensured the management of several teams. In addition, I actively contributed to the development of the PSSI.

Passionate about my job as systems administrator and computer networks, I also acquired software development skills, as well as management of around thirty sites of which I am the founder, the architect and the director of publication (CNIL, RGPD).

In addition, I have acquired good experience in dealing with cyber attacks since, having been faced in particular with a violent computer attack, I knew how to federate the teams IT to restart the company (3000 people) quickly and without sequelae.


  • 100%
    Rigor, stress management
  • 100%
    Writing skills
  • 95%
    Team work
  • 80%
  • 90%
  • 90%
    Source of proposals
  • 100%
    IT and security referent

Certified network expert

June 2013 - Present

Systems and networks administrator, certified network expert


Infrastructure administration (5 technicians, 40 sites in France and abroad, 4 firewalls, 100 virtual servers, 50 physical servers, 800 workstations); Implementation of security; Writing technical architectural files; Performing recovery plan tests with multi-site replication; Cyber ​​attack management (fast restoration of the company's infrastructure, 3000 employees); Optimization of resources; Supervision of materials and installations; IT and security referent; Realization and management of technical IT projects (centralized mobile telephony, secure internal cloud, automated electronic signatures, robot for automatic e-mail backup, secured video surveillance, access control system...)

November 2011 - June 2013

E-commerce technical manager

Network Solutions

Implementation and management of the infrastructure (networks, VPN intersites, firewalls, servers, domains); Study, development and supervision of e-commerce websites; Websites referencing (SEO); Email servers management; IT security management

January 2000 - November 2011

Network administrator / IT project manager / Operations manager


Infrastructure development (headquarters: 20 servers, 250 workstations); IT team management; Users support; Merger of sites (80 servers, 900 stations); Network installation, configuration, supervision and security (switches, routers, IPBX); Virtualization; Implementation and management of IT projects (infrastructure restructuring, WEB developments, automated log analysis, interventions management, logistics management...)

About skills


WAN, MPLS, ADSL, LAN, VLAN, DNS, DHCP, VPN, IPSEC, SSH, SSL, TCP/UDP, IPV4, MAC, IPS, VoIP, Firewall, Stormshield, Cisco, pfSense, VMware, Veeam, HP, NAS, SAN, Aruba, StoreOnce, 3Par, IIS, Active Directory, LDAP, GPO, FSMO, NFS, SQL, SEO, Cloud, Windows, Unix, Linux, Nginx, Apache, Debian, RedHat, CentOS, Open Source, HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Python, C++, PowerShell, Delphi, QoS, WSUS, SMTP, DMZ, WIFI, SNMP, GLPI, Nagios, Centreon, reverse proxy, PSSI, RGPD, PCA, PRA


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